Born in The Bahamas, Christopher Curry earned a doctorate in history from the University of Connecticut in 2011. Currently, he serves as Associate Professor of History and Chair of the School of Social Sciences at University of The Bahamas. Outside of these professional responsibilities, Christopher has published several books and articles. In 2006, he successfully co-authored a three-volume series entitled Social Studies for Bahamian Secondary Schools. Published by Macmillan Caribbean, these books are widely circulated throughout Junior-High Schools in The Bahamas. He also co-authored a church history book entitled A History of the Churches of Christian The Bahamas, self-published in 2007 through Trafford publishing, located in Victoria, B.C. Published articles include: “The contributions of Baptists to Education in The Bahamas,” American Baptist Quarterly 26:4(2007): 374-387; "A Critique of Bahamian Society After Emancipation,” At Random, 9 (Fall 2004): 26-28; and “Christianity and Slavery in The Bahamas: A Catalyst for Revolutionary change or a Quest for Respectability,” in The Bahamas Historical Journal (October 2005): 4-8. Recently published in the spring of 2017 is his monographic study entitled Freedom and Resistance: A Social History of Black Loyalists in The Bahamas.  

Apart from various publications, it is worth noting that Christopher Curry has presented papers at several important academic conferences including Harvard University's 2010 Atlantic World Summer Institute. Additionally, he has been involved with numerous public relation engagements, including talk shows, round table discussions, and television interviews. In 2004 he researched and co-produced a thirteen-week television series on Bahamian history entitled "Time Longer than Rope: The History of the Bahamian People.” Beyond these media engagements, Dr Curry currently serves as the Chair of the National Reparations Commission and is the Director of Education on the Clifton Heritage Authority Board.