Dorothea L. Davis (nee Francis) is a product of the Fort Fincastle community of the 1940s and beyond. Her childhood was coloured with stories told by her aunts and uncle. She was unaware, at the time, that this was a cultural tradition passed on for generations as a means to amuse and entertain anyone willing to listen. In her first book, Tales My Brothers Told Me And Other Myths..., she recounts the stories of the elders and her brothers, who believed they were endowed with this gift. In her second book (soon to be published) Reflections of a Bahamian Policewoman 1965 - 1984, she speaks to the events of that era focusing primarily on her tenure in the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

She is a 1958 graduate of St John's College, Nassau; a 20-year veteran of the Police Force; read Law at Buckingham University and currently lectures at the Police Training College.