Neil Sealey has spent 40 years in The Bahamas, and was made a Bahamian citizen in 1994, Educated in England and the West Indies, he entered the British Merchant Navy in 1957. Returning to his studies in 1963 he subsequently obtained a BA and MA in geography from Oxford University, and spent 10 years lecturing in Colleges of Higher Education before coming to The Bahamas in 1978, where he was head of geography at the College of the Bahamas for many years. After a successful period as a textbook writer for both The Bahamas and the Caribbean educational systems, Mr Sealey founded a publishing company with Mr Larry  Smith, the late president of Media Enterprises Ltd. Mr Sealey is currently director of publishing and distribution and a partner at Media Enterprises. As well as continuing to write on a variety of subjects, Mr Sealey undertakes occasional consulting in the fields of  geography and environmental matters, He was the founder and editor of the Bahamas Journal of Science until its demise in 2008.