Noelle Nicolls is a creative visionary living a life of passion and purpose. She is a self-employed freelance writer, communications consultant, business strategist and entrepreneur, with over 10 years of business growth. Noelle has developed a reputation as a versatile professional with a sharp and inquisitive mind, who brings a broad perspective and context to her work.

Noelle’s life is an epic adventure, filled with many cycles of death and rebirth. These abundant blessings fuel her deep commitment to love and service. She has a huge heart that feels and connects intuitively with others. On a daily basis, Noelle performs a balancing act to share her many gifts with the community and the world. She uses these gifts to mother young girls; to advocate for gender equality and human rights; to celebrate her heritage and honour her African ancestry and for other nation-building work.

Telephone (242) 376-9794