Richard Coulson's memoir, A Corkscrew Life: Adventures of a Traveling Financier, of his peripatetic life vividly describes his unique travels and he exceptional people he met along the way. His adventures began at birth and continued into his childhood with his glamorous mother in Nassau, Bahamas. Following an Ivy League education and army service in Korea, he became a New Yorker practicing law with a major Wall Street firm. His move into investment led to eight years in London, and his eventual return to an offshore financial centre in Nassau.

His professional career has involved projects with locations ranging from Latin America to Europe to the Far East, with particular emphasis on Mexico, where he advised on many ventures and made life-long friends. He enjoyed gaining intriguing insights with contacts in Iran, Iraq, Malaysia and Switzerland, as well as a notorious American inside-trader, and a charming fugitive scoundrel known as the "Pirate of Prague".

The range of his personal interests were reflected in his friendships with conservative pundit William F. Buckley; Russian aristocrat Prince Nikita Lebanon, who rose from penniless exile to sell his art collection to Putin's Russian government; and Norbert Schlei, a star attorney whose success was shattered by a misguided Federal prosecution.

During Richard Coulson's career as lawyer and investment banker, he lived in New York City, London, and finally, in Nassau, Bahamas. He continues his work as a financial consultant and an author of articles and a monthly newspaper column. He has enjoyed worldwide travel exposing him to exceptional personalities and unique adventures.